Facets Summer Film Institute
A unique, week-long, intensive film camp for teachers
July 22-26, 2013
Earn 30 CPDUs 
"The speakers offered scholarly expertise and practical classroom applications. I attended many workshops over the past 18 years, and this is my favorite so far."
-high school English teacher

Now accepting applications for the third annual Facets Summer Film Institute. It's a summer experience that will transform you (and your students) for a lifetime!


The Institute runs from July 22-26, 2013. It is ideal for social studies, art, English, history, and all teachers who want to use media more effectively to achieve lesson plan goals. It offers expert instruction on:


  • The Impact of Film Editing
    • Learn the language of film for Media Literacy. 
  • Lighting, Camera Angles, and Sets
    • Impart how visual style interacts with story for Fine Arts. 
  • Narrative in Cinema
    • Treat film as a text, and compare and contrast to Literature. 
  • History of World Cinema
    • Put film in context, and use as a specialized source for History. 
  • Classic Hollywood Movies
    • Appreciate film as a cultural artifact for Social Science.  


To learn more, and to apply, visit:



For additional info, feel free to contact me at filminstitute@facets.org


Brian Elza

Coordinator, Facets Summer Film Institute