Salvadori Summer Institute


Get certified as a Salvadori Specialist at a three-day Summer Institute at the Center's most comprehensive introduction to the built world as a living classroom and teaching tool.

Teachers will unlock the math and science embedded in bridges, skyscrapers, and other structures that surround us. Using concepts drawn from the common core standards, teachers will take part in architecture and engineering activities and develop methods for applying them in their classrooms, while promoting self-directed learning, teamwork, choice, problem-solving, and civic engagement.

Teachers will:

  • Develop curricula and methods to engage and support all students 
  • Explore methods of learning, planning, and implementation of project-based lessons
  • Integrate assessment into learning experiences
  • Reflect on their own and their colleagues' practices

Join us July 12-14 at the Salvadori Summer Institute (475 Riverside Dr., Suite 1370)

Cost: $350, includes certification and a FREE family weekday workshop at your school in the 2011-2012 school year

*2 or more teachers from the same school get 10% off* 

For more information, contact Erin McCluskey at