The Take Me Fishing™ campaign and Discovery Education invite all kids to experience the joy of America's lakes, rivers and streams. Explore the Blue is a comprehensive program that provides you with classroom resources to lead the way. From 28 cross-curricular, standards-aligned lesson plans to Discovery Streaming videos, a regional U.S. habitat map, and Thrill of the Catch, an interactive fishing game. All FREE.

Click below to check out some of our most popular lesson plans:

Grades K-2 Lesson Plans:
• Fishing in America - Students learn about different forms of fishing over time.
 Let's Go Boating! - Students learn the properties and functions of a boat and write a story about boating.
• Where Should We Go Fishing? - Students learn about how physical features and climate affect fishing.

Grades 3-5 Lesson Plans:
• Fishing Methods - Students learn about tools used for fishing.
 Waterways- Students learn about the ways in which water is used for travel.
• Row to Health- Students learn about the role boating can play in an active lifestyle.


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Explore the Blue is also hosting a Fall 2011 webinar series about how you can incorporate easy-to-use Web 2.0 tools in your classroom. This series will feature tips and tricks on how you can utilize media and on-line resources that will help re-activate your students' minds.

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With your help, today's students will become tomorrow's conservationists.