With the start of the new school year right around the corner, take some time to review the webinar archives from our first webinar series. Last Spring, NYSCATE launched “The Best of NYSCATE” Webinar Series featuring the best presentations from our Annual Conference including both statewide and national presenters. 

We welcome all members to view these archived sessions through the NYSCATE website, or by selecting the link below.  

Archived sessions include:

5 Things to Rethink:  Leadership in 21st Century - David Jakes

This session explores five critical elements of leadership in the 21st Century. Join veteran administrators as they challenge you to rethink your perceptions of teaching and learning, learning spaces, professional development, policy development, and how to lead an organization through the changes required to develop a 21st Century learning institution. Originally presented: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 http://nyscate.adobeconnect.com/p8h8foki7ck/

Building Learning Communities using Ning, Group.ly and Diigo - Brian C. Smith

Discuss the use of these exciting new web tools and how they are used to create knowledge-sharing communities and social content sites. Which solution is the best for you? Be prepared with questions for our expert as we help you unwrap the mystery around Ning, Group.ly and Diigo! Originally presented: April 19, 2011 http://nyscate.adobeconnect.com/p6nawhw4fug/  

Hot Education Apps for the iPad - Mike Amante

With the potential to revolutionize education, the iPad offers up a whole new class of software for leverage mobile technologies, expanding ebook reading abilities, creating interactive publications, and much, much more. During this webinar, you will learn what must-have apps are hot today and be prepared to share your own favorites! Originally presented: April 26, 2011 http://nyscate.adobeconnect.com/p80ko8v8uo2/  

K12 Creativity and Innovation Projects - Howie DiBlasi

Discover ideas, concepts and projects about creativity, problem solving and critical thinking. Projects for K-12 will be examined in the area of innovation, critical thinking, problem solving and creative thinking skills. Explore original lessons using the Creative Process and how educators can learn to structure creative problem solving lessons on a daily and yearly basis. Originally presented: May 10, 2011 http://nyscate.adobeconnect.com/p1uobwjy8f5/  

Really Cool Tool Duel - David Jakes and Brian C. Smith

Web technologies are ever changing and you deserve to know the best tools to build learning experiences for students. Join David Jakes and Brian C. Smith as they duel to see who deals the best tools for teaching and learning today. Originally presented: May 24, 2011 http://nyscate.adobeconnect.com/p973zo8fpco/  

Virtual Environments for Education - Andrew Wheelock

The potential for using virtual environments for education seems incredibly powerful, and yet it their use has been relatively untapped. This webinar will give educators the history of virtual environments from Second Life to the explosion of Open Sim environments. Additionally, participants will also get a thorough review of the latest virtual environments and research based practices that will help them explore ways this technology can be used as a tool for powerful learning. Lastly, a tour of The Islands of Enlightenment will follow, detailing an exciting project that engages students in a deeper understanding of the Holocaust and the literary classic, The Diary of Anne Frank. Originally presented: May 22, 2011 http://nyscate.adobeconnect.com/p81059948/  

Web Tools that Rock - Howie DiBlasi

The interactive session/workshop will explore a host of Web 2.0 tools in specific content areas. Learn to use teaching and learning strategies, Thematic unit lesson plans that will focus on a specific Web 2.0 tools in the content area of Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. Discover over 100 resources you can use in 4 content areas. Learn about new skills for 21st Century Classroom. Originally presented: March 11, 2011 http://nyscate.adobeconnect.com/p68912822/

39 Secrets for Using Google in the Classroom - Howie DiBlasi

Do you think you know Google? Think again as you tap into its full potential with tricks, insider tips and make your life easier in and outside of the classroom. Discover Google's 'hidden' features and 'secret' areas. Become a Google expert and discover how to get the most out of the Googleverse. Originally presented: June 2, 2011 http://nyscate.adobeconnect.com/p6opycbz1qj/

Hurry!  These sessions will only be available for a short time as we will soon be announcing the next webinar series.NYSCATE appreciates the dedication of our members and our corporate council members, who allow us to make this available to you.