Keep Springtime Fit and Fun for Your Students
Download three new lesson plans to keep your class healthy this spring!

Spring is just around the corner and there is no better time to introduce your students to the importance of a healthy lifestyle. To help you get started, offers FREE science and math lesson plans and videos that can be easily integrated into your daily classroom activities.

A partnership between Discovery Education, Sanford Health and WebMD, fit 4 the classroom provides resources to help educators discuss health and wellness principles with their elementary students. All fit 4 the classroom lesson plans are aligned to national standards including the National Science Education Standards, Common Core Math Standards and the National Educational Technology Standards.

NEW resources include:
  • Let's Get Moving
    Teaching students about the circulatory system? Use this standards-aligned lesson to help students investigate the effects of exercise on the human body.
  • Dream On
    Looking for ways to incorporate the design process into your instruction? This lesson allows students to learn about the science of sleep and design their ideal sleep zone.
  • One Fine Day
    Want to spruce up your math lessons? Check out this interdisciplinary lesson in which students focus on collecting, graphing and interpreting data while learning how to make healthy choices.
Driven by the four pillars of fit - mood, move, food and recharge - fit 4 the classroom resources connect balanced eating and activity with sleep and a healthy emotional life for a more holistic approach to wellness. Visit to find a variety of dynamic, cross-curricular and interactive videos.