Cindy Dwyer of Enrichment 4 Kids will be moderating the following webinar:

February 9, 7:00 pm
Using Technology in the Classroom to Differentiate Learning
Del Siegle, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT; Jann Leppien, University of Great Falls, Great Falls, MT

Tune into this WOW for a better understanding how to use technology to differentiate for gifted and talented learners.  Our gifted students were born into the digital age while most of their instructors are “digital immigrants” trying to keep up with and use technology tools that emerge daily and ensure that their students are competent in the new digital literacies. Web 2.0 and Google tools have the power to help teachers respond to gifted students' needs for individualization, faster pacing, academic challenge, creative expression, and contact with other gifted students. Take away a list of specific websites and other classroom technology tools to bring you into the 21st Century! 

Information about participating in the webinar can be found here: