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Grant Opportunities 
  In the world of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), collaborative learning works best. Students working together can often accomplish far more than when they work alone.

Collaboration engenders excitement and provides an opportunity for students to work together in a team atmosphere, which is a long-range objective of the future job market. If students are not provided the opportunity to hone these skills, their overall potential is greatly diminished, and in this day and age of information, students must learn how to critically analyze information and synthesize it in creative ways.


The following are sources that could allow you to implement solutions that enable collaboration in your classroom.


Grants support programs that provide new or enhanced opportunities for students.


Grants honor US schools demonstrating excellence in math and science education through innovative teaching and learning environments.

Amgen Foundation seeks to identify programs that provide hands-on science experiences for all students, as well as those that seek to support teacher quality and provide professional development.

The Chisholm Foundation
Chisholm funds projects that have long-range possibilities. The foundation is eager to consider special projects such as "seed" or demonstration projects that, if successful, can be expanded and continued through the efforts of additional financial supporters.

Teacher's Pet  

Grant tip geared specifically toward teachers' smaller projects


Build-A-Bear Foundation
The foundation provides direct support for children in literacy and education programs such as summer reading, early childhood education, and literacy for children with special needs.

Education Blueprints Association
The Education Blueprints Association will provide learning resources that deliver education solutions for individuals, teachers, and students. We will provide programs that engage students/learners. We will provide learning tools and courses that challenge learners to achieve excellence in education and life. By providing resources and programs for teachers, we will increase their skills through transformative learning experiences for their students.

LEGO® Education Workshop Grant Description

This grant program, offered by EBA, is available to help fund teachers using LEGO® Education products to facilitate hands-on workshops at national, state, or regional conferences or events by reimbursing qualified facilitators for expenses.


LEGO® Education Showcase Grant Description

The LEGO® Education Showcase Grant Program, offered by EBA, is available to current LEGO Education customers who want to showcase their investment in the LEGO Education System for Learning through a hands-on community activity.



For more information about how you can find underwriting for LEGO® Education products, visit Grant Opportunities on our home page at www.LEGOeducation.us or call 800-362-4308