Introducing Nature Works Everywhere

A new online portal providing teachers and students with tools to explore and understand nature's fantastic factory.

Earth Day is coming. The Nature Conservancy and its scientists have partnered with Discovery Education to create Nature Works Everywhere to help students learn the science behind how nature works for us and how we can keep nature running strong. This new program provides engaging ways to bring science and nature to your students.

Nature: It's more than just a faraway beach or mountain. It's a fantastic factorythat makes the building blocks of all our lives; food, drinking water, the stuff we own and the air we breathe. It makes memories and even protects us from floods and storms.

Nature Works Everywhere gives teachers, students and families everything they need to start exploring and understanding nature's fantastic factory:

Visit Nature Works Everywhere and explore this unique opportunity. On Earth Day, teach your students about food and participate in the world's largest picnic celebration. Then, continue throughout the year with free educator resources that will enlighten your students about the benefits nature brings to each of us.