I'll be honest with you. Although I LOVE my iPad, I don't see iPads becoming a reality in my classroom anytime soon.  There are a number of obstacles that I'd face in trying to advanced student learning through the use of iPads. 

This article from MacWorld goes into how you can get funding for iPads if you're in a poorer area.  http://www.macworld.com/article/2012812/ipads-in-education-wheres-the-money-coming-from.html   
Sadly this information isn't helping me because while I don't teach in a poor area, parents do not by iPads for their children.  The children may have their own iTouch, but they usually share the use of their iPads with their parents or siblings.

Our district does not have a wireless network. Even if I had a bunch of iPads to use with students, we wouldn't be able to access the Internet.  If I wanted to install apps, I would have to bring the iPads home (fat chance the district would allow that) to access my wireless network to download the apps, or I'd have to hook each iPad up to a computer to download the apps (equally fat chance of the district unblocking iTunes as well.)

I get funny looks from administration when I'm using my iPhone or iPad.  They think that I'm texting or checking my e-mail, instead of what I'm really doing -- taking notes on Evernote, or scanning handouts with ProScanner. 

Until administration is ready to buy into the value of these tech tools, and come up with a plan for implementing them, my devices stay home or in my pocket.