Learn the ins and outs of using an iPad in education.  If you're ready to discover how to use iPads as a powerful learning tool in the classroom, this online event is for 
WHAT:  iPad Day of Learning
WHEN:  Saturday, February 9th, 2013
REGISTER:   Click here to register.  
Join in on 8 back-to-back webinars: 
* 20 Free iPad Apps Educators Can't Live Without!
* Transform Classroom Practice with iPad Technologies in the 
  Elementary Classroom
* Inspire Real World Learning Through Mobile Devices
* How To Get The Most From the Teacher Learning Community
* Digitize and Streamline Classroom Paperwork using Your iPad
* Increase Classroom Mobility: Control Your Computer or IWB 
  with Your iPad
* Flipping your Elementary Classroom with Only One iPad
* iPad Apps for Special Ed: Reading, Math, Social, and Fine 
  Motor Skills
This event is FREE and open to all! Invite your friends 
and colleagues to come learn more about iPads.