A product of Microsoft FUSE Labs, Kodu is a visual programming language made especially for creating games. Kodu’s language is entirely icon-based and is fairly easy to learn. By getting children to think about “if/then” statements, Kudo helps teach important programming concepts of actions and conditions. The Kodu Classroom Kit is a set of lesson plans and activities for teachers, after-school program instructors and administrators to run a variety of types of classes using Kodu. The entire kit can be downloaded, free of charge, in a zip file or as single lesson plans.

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Plus: Another Microsoft project, Small Basic is a beginning programming language, a variant of BASIC, but based on the .NET platform. Small Basic is designed for students between the ages of 10 and 16 and consists of the language, the programming environment and libraries. A number of free resources are available for working with Small Basic at:


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