The BUCK Institute has created the BIE Electronic Online PBL Planning Site, a place to plan Problem-Based Learning (PBL) units. Simply sign up for a free account and begin putting down your ideas for a Project-Based Learning activity. If you don’t have time to finish your unit in one sitting, you can keep what you’ve entered in your file cabinet. You’ll be able to return using any computer from any place that has Internet access. You can also keep all of your projects in the My Project file cabinet. They will stay there for you to use, print, share and edit as you revise your projects from year to year. Under the Share button, you’ll find a link to copy and send your unit to a colleague; or just enter an email address, and the BIE Project Planner will send it. Those collaborators will need a free BIE account. If you’re not sure what everything on the form means, then check out the BIE Do It Yourself Kit.
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