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Free Workshop: Virtual Economics 4.0

Need help integrating economics and personal finance into your lessons? Are you concerned about new state standards on these topics?

If yes, sign up now for our free Virtual Economics 4.0 workshop.

Virtual Economics 4.0: Everything You Need for K-12 Economics
Wednesday, March 30, 2011
10:00am — 3:00 pm

The workshop is free and all attendees receive a complimentary copy of Virtual Economics 4.0 CD-ROM.
VE 4.0 contains over 78 of the CEE’s publications, including “Financial Fitness for Life”, “Focus: Understanding Economics in Civics and Government”, and our newest publication “Teaching Financial Crises”. 
This workshop will help any teacher integrate economics and personal finance into the curriculum.

Sign up for the workshop here.

HSBC National Center for Economic and Financial Education
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New York, NY 10168

Presenter: Kevin Smith, Curriculum and Instructional Designer, Council for Economic Education

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Check out the Virtual Economics website for free supplementary material.


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