LEGO Club Fire ImageLEGO® Education and LEGO Club are proud to offer your school the opportunity to share exclusive LEGO Club In-School Edition Magazines with your first-, second-, third- and fourth-grade students, for FREE!

These special publications are developed specifically for in-class use. They follow the LEGO philosophy of providing students with products that promote imagination, pique curiosity, and enhance learning. 

The 2011 LEGO Club In-School Edition Magazines are developed around two themes: Ancient Eqypt and Space Exploration. Both can be ordered in two versions. 

LEGO Club Junior In-School Edition Magazines are designed for first-grade students and include exciting puzzles, easy-to-read comics, and fun building challenges.

LEGO Club In-School Edition Magazines are for students in second, third, and fourth grades and focus on basic reading, critical-thinking games, and building ideas.

In addition, custom LEGO Education Teacher's Guides will be sent with each magazine order. The guides are filled with hands-on activities, classroom tidbits, and articles about how you can create a LEGO SmartTM classroom for your students!

To sign up to receive complimentary copies of Ancient Egypt- and Space Exploration-themed LEGO Club In-School Edition Magazines and corresponding LEGO Education Teacher's Guides, visit complete the online order form

Orders will be processed weekly. Shipment of items will begin in December 2010. Magazines are packaged in groups of 50, 100, and 200 for easier distribution. Please consider ordering for your school's entire grade and not just your class. Any specific ordering or delivery directions should be noted in the Comment section of the order form. For more information, contact Debra