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Learn How to Flip Your Classroom in a "Flipped Webinar"
with Dr. Lodge McCammon
Lodge McCammon
Dr. Lodge McCammon will show you how to flip your classroom.
Join a FREE webinar from the Siemens STEM Academy to learn how to apply this innovative teaching strategy to transform learning in your classroom.

Flipping Your Classroom with FIZZ
Presented by Dr. Lodge McCammon
& a panel of educators
Thursday, March 1, 2012, 7 PM ET
For Educators

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This webinar will be flipped! Make sure you do the homework ahead of time to get the most out of this interactive webinar.  Download the pre-webinar assignment from the Classroom Connections box.

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Join this educator-only webinar to learn how to apply this innovative and effective teaching strategy with none other than the expert himself, Dr. Lodge McCammon, Specialist in Curriculum and Contemporary Media at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. Dr. Lodge will be joined by leading North Carolina teachers from a variety of content areas and grade levels who are exploring how flipped learning works in the public school classroom. We will spend the hour discussing best practices, answering questions and sharing practical resources in order to make it possible for any teacher to start flipping the next day. Oh, and we'll even flip the webinar!

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