Edutopia, the educational magazine started by the George Lucas Foundation, has a focus on creative educational practices that often involve the use of technology.  While I do not subscribe to the magazine, I do subscribe to their e-bulletins.  They are offering their latest classroom resource guide highlighting new solutions for connecting home and school in order to improve student learning and success.  Click here to download:

Whether you're a teacher, parent, or district administrator, this new guide provides you with relevant and valuable tools and resources for how best to strengthen the bonds between schools, families, and communities. 

  • What's Inside the Guide:
  • 1. Go Where Your Parents Are
  • 2. Welcome Everyone
  • 3. Being There, Virtually
  • 4. Smart Phones, Smart Schools
  • 5. Seize the Media Moment
  • 6. Make Reading a Family Affair
  • 7. Bring the Conversation Home
  • 8. Student-led Parent Conferences
  • 9. Get Families Moving
  • 10. Build Parent Partnerships