Following Malcolm Gladwell’s perspective that “small things can make a big difference,” the EcoTipping Points website offers lessons from a hundred environmental success stories from around the world—stories in which communities turned environmental and social decline to a course of restoration and sustainability. The free materials for teachers are described by an article in The Science Teacher.

The most recent addition to the educational materials is the “How Success Works” lesson, which is available in English and Spanish. It assembles some of the most instructive stories and their messages into a package of powerful and engaging case studies. Each case includes a short video, PowerPoint presentations, written narratives of different lengths and detail, student worksheets to review and explore “Ingredients for Success,” and teacher keys. Worksheets include front-loaded vocabulary.

All materials in the “How Success Works” lesson are downloadable as editable Word or PowerPoint files. The package components can be combined and adapted to accommodate all ages.
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