GoGoNews has launched an interactive Web site featuring daily news for schoolchildren aged 7 to 13. The site features popular headlines from mainstream media with filtered content, informing children of global events while simultaneously protecting them from images and story details appropriate for more mature audiences. In addition to breaking news, GoGoNews covers Science, Art, Government, Politics and Geography, offering fun facts and stories that capture children’s attention and encourage exploration of new subjects. The site is organized by Headlines, covering breaking news; Cool & Fun, containing brain teasers, puzzles and jokes; Planet, featuring interesting facts about space and the environment; Talk, providing a forum for kids and parents to post feedback, comments and ideas; and Teach, guiding parents and educators with suggestions for how to approach difficult news topics and innovative ways to introduce new lessons. GoGoNews is currently being syndicated to elementary schools throughout the United States and Canada via the newsletter GoGo On The Go. http://www.gogonews.com/

For older students, Teaching with the News is the first in a series of lessons on the recent events in Egypt from The Choices Program: Current Events in the Classroom. The latest, Protests, Revolutions, and Democratic Change, helps students consider the potential effects of the protests on democracy and stability in the Middle East and North Africa. The second, After Mubarak, helps students consider the implications of a leadership change in Egypt on the protests for democracy throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Developed at Brown University, The Choices Program addresses the 21st century themes and skills of Critical Thinking, Creativity and Innovation, Collaboration, Media and Technology Literacy, Global Awareness and Civic Literacy, by using a problem-based approach to make complex international issues accessible and meaningful for students of diverse abilities and learning styles.


The Choices Program includes other free lessons, including Protest, Revolution & Change, which helps students analyze the potential effects of the protests on democracy and stability in the Middle East and North Africa, and The Lessons of Iraq.