WNET THIRTEEN has launched A Cheyenne Odyssey, the third interactive game in the Mission US series of digital role-playing games created to engage middle school students in the exploration of United States history. The game engages students as they take on the role of a 12-year-old Northern Cheyenne boy in the 1860s. As they play A Cheyenne Odyssey, students gain insight and understanding of westward expansion and its impact on America’s native peoples, the economy, the landscape and the environment. They interact with traders, railroad workers, soldiers and settlers who forged their way west to expand the United States. Accompanying curriculum activities and supplemental resources, including maps, visuals and artifacts, deepen students’ understanding and perspectives about the historical context of the period. The game also includes embedded “smartwords” to build vocabulary and support learners’ growing historical literacy. Content for A Cheyenne Odyssey was developed by historians and educators at the American Social History Project (ASHP)/Center for Media & Learning, a research center at the Graduate Center, City University of New York, in close collaboration with representatives of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe at Chief Dull Knife College, a community-based and tribally managed institution located on the Northern Cheyenne reservation in southeastern Montana. The game is informed by standards-aligned curriculum concepts and deeply grounded in scholarship.
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