The American Math Challenge--REGISTER NOW!

The American Math Challenge 2011
- FREE registration and participation with great prizes to be won! -

October 12th and 13th, 2011


Students across America are invited to battle it out in an exciting online math challenge, competing live, in a safe, multiplayer game environment.

It’s completely FREE and there are exciting prizes to be won!

Registration for 2011 is quick and easy,  and your students of all ages can begin practicing immediately!

(Returning competitors and VMath Live users: All 2011 registrations must be done brand-new at )

Day 1 (October 12): Students answer adaptive online national curriculum questions.
Day 2 (October 13): Students answer as many correct questions as they can in 60-second mental arithmetic challenges--LIVE, against other students.

Why participate?
•       Your students/children will love it!
•       It's all about having fun with math and increasing numeracy.
•       Great for all ability levels.
•       Simple to register and participate.

...and it’s absolutely FREE!

How will it work?
Students have full access to Mathletics an online interactive math resource with the opportunity to win prizes and a live leader board will show the scores - as they happen!

How do I get started?

1)  Visit and select school registration.
2)  Wait for your confirmation e-mail and click your confirmation link to complete your registration.
3)  You'll then receive a School Login via e-mail. You can login at and add your entire school!
4)  Use the 'Uploading Your Students Guide' to create a spreadsheet and upload the data directly into our website. (All student names are protected in all public arenas.)
5)  Once student names are uploaded, you can print out your logins for all teachers and students and start practicing!

HURRY, register today at

Registration ends October 11th.