Philosophy for Kids is dedicated to helping adults conduct philosophical discussions with elementary school children. The site uses well-known picture books, such as Harold and the Purple Crayon, Harry the Dirty Dog, The Cat in the Hat and various Frog and Toad stories, to raise philosophical questions. The site was developed by Professor Thomas E. Wartenberg and his undergraduate students at Mount Holyoke College.

Plus: What’s the Big Idea? introduces middle school students to philosophy through film. The website is a tribute to the intellectual curiosity of young people who have questions about the big ideas that have engaged philosophers throughout the ages but don’t have a way to discuss those questions with other people, especially in an educational setting. The website provides inquisitive students with the opportunity to engage in a range of philosophical discussions about issues that other students their age have said were the most pressing ones in their lives: bullying, lying, friendship, peer pressure and environmental ethics.