The American Math Challenge 
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  • American school students are invited to battle it out in an exciting online math challenge!
  • Students will have the task of answering as many correct questions as they can to make their school the American Champions.
  • It’s completely FREE and there are great prizes to be won!

Students will compete using Mathletics, an online Math program and compete in two ways:
1. Compete against other students in exciting, real-time 60 second mental arithmetic showdowns!
2. Tackle adaptive math curriculum-based questions.
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Why should your school take part?
• Your students will love it!
• It's about having fun with math rather than a competition.
• Great for all ability levels.
• Simple to register and participate.
• Great prizes available for students.
How will it work?
• Students have full access to the Mathletics platform--an online interactive math resource--with the opportunity to win great prizes. A live leader board will show the scores - as they happen!
• All you need is from school and/or home for as long or as little as they like.
Practice begins Monday October 18th 2010. Hurry, register  now!

American Math Challenge 2010 begins Tuesday, October 26th 2010 at 8.00am EST.

Powered by: Mathletics. The team behind World Math Day

Brought to you by: Cambium Expanded Group / VmathLive and MATHCOUNTS Foundation