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Submit work on behalf of your students to the Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards by April 20, 2012.
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Adobe Youth Voices invites you to participate in the Aspire Awards, giving young creatives the opportunity to have their work showcased publicly. This media festival seeks to recognize outstanding creative projects that demonstrate imagination and expression along with an evident motivation for social change.

How to get involved:

Register: Sign up with Adobe Youth Voices Essentials and receive free creative curriculum covering subjects from printed posters to animated video.

Choose your format: The Aspire Awards will accept entries in the following categories (choose the format that best fits your students and their creative goals):

bullet  Animation

bullet  Documentary
bullet  Audio

bullet  Music Video
bullet  Graphic Design

bullet  Narrative
bullet  Digital Photography

bullet  Poetry/Experimental

Submit: Media must be submitted by April 20, 2012, on behalf of a youth artist by an educator participating in Adobe Youth Voices. Prizes will be given to the top honorees, and their work will be showcased online, at partner film festivals, and other exhibitions.

Need help finding project ideas? Check out the free creative curriculum offered by Adobe Youth Voices Essentials.