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12/4 Live Webinar Event: All About Amphibians
Your class will learn why amphibians are important and ways you can get involved to save amphibians in your area.

Join scientists at Smithsonian's National Zoological Park to see amphibians from around the world, learn why they are important, and discover ways you can help save them.

Presented by:
Smithsonian's National Zoo

Tuesday, December 4, 2012, 1:00pm ET
For Classrooms

Download the pre-webinar assignment to get ready for this exciting event.

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Did you know that amphibians are vital to their ecosystems and to humans, but they are threatened with extinction? Dedicated scientists around the world are working to save amphibians, and you can too. Join scientists and researchers LIVE from the National Zoo in Washington D.C. where your class will be able to see a wide range of amphibians from around the world; learn what amphibians are, why they are important, and the threats facing amphibians; and hear about programs that you can get involved in to help save amphibians in your local area.

We aren't am-FIB-ian around! Register today to participate in this unique event brought to you by the Siemens STEM Academy and the National Zoo!
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